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Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment Program

Manavi tailors services to meet the needs of each survivor and promote financial independence and economic empowerment.

Economic Empowerment and Financial Independence

Manavi Economic Empowerment Program provides critical support for survivors of gender-based violence. We recognize that economic empowerment and financial independence are crucial for the long-term stability and safety of survivors we serve. Financial abuse is a tactic used by abusers to exercise power and control over the survivor and is experienced by almost all the survivors we serve. We tailor the services to fit the needs of each survivor to ensure survivors can live a life free from violence and sustain their independence for long-term stability and safety.

Manavi’s Economic Empowerment Services include providing support with financial literacy and education, job skills and training, finding safe and long-term housing, and navigating various systems and agencies to access all services equitably.

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