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Community Outreach & Training

Raising Awareness & Building Community

Manavi is committed to raising awareness about gender-based violence in our community. Over the past three decades, Manavi has engaged in extensive community outreach efforts to educate our community about the cultural barriers faced by South Asian survivors of gender-based violence, and the services we offer to provide support. We are dedicated to changing attitudes surrounding gender-based violence and establishing peaceful communities free from violence.

Community Chais

The Community Chai is an informal social gathering to engage community members in Manavi’s work. It is a space where we raise awareness about gender-based violence in a culturally appropriate way over chai and connect with our community. You can contact Manavi if you would like to conduct a community chai in your community.

Engaging Men As Allies

Engaging Men as Allies is a program that engages South Asian men to support Manavi’s mission in ending all forms of gender-based violence. We have developed a Community Coordinated Response (CCR) Team including dedicated community members who are raising awareness to engage South Asian men as allies and supporting Manavi’s work on prevention and outreach.


Resources & Workshops

Manavi raises awareness in the community by organizing workshops, seminars, community events, youth summit and various other outreach events across New Jersey to educate diverse South Asian communities about gender-based violence.

To learn more about upcoming workshops and other outreach efforts, please sign up and follow us on social media.

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Training & Education

Manavi provides training and education to create communities that are better informed on gender-based violence and the ways we can work individually and collectively to respond to and prevent gender-based violence. Increasing the visibility of issues related to gender-based violence and bringing them to the community level is crucial in equipping leaders with the information needed to effectively support survivors.