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VAWA Reauthorization passes in Senate and heads to President Biden for signature!

A historic and important step in our collective mission to end domestic violence against women. VAWA Reauthorization of 2022 passes in the Senate and heads to President Biden for signature! Grateful for the tireless advocacy of so many partner agencies, advocates and survivors who made this happen.
This landmark legislation includes critical provisions that give survivors greater access to safety, justice, and services, and help prevent violence. It maintains existing protections and expands current law to address many gaps and needs of survivors.
This is a historic win for #TribalSovereignty, tribal communities and the safety of Native women. VAWA 2022 will restore critical categories of tribal jurisdiction to protect the most vulnerable populations on tribal lands.
It is also historic to have forced marriage defined in VAWA for the first time. This has been long overdue and marks an important recognition codified in law to support survivors.