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Ashiana - Safe Home for Displaced Women and their Children


In 1997, Manavi opened the doors of its safe home, Ashiana, (meaning “nest” in Urdu) in Middlesex County. Ashiana is a rent-free, temporary residential facility for South Asian women and their children who are displaced by violence in the family. Although the residence is located in New Jersey, women from all around the country, who are in crises, request space in Ashiana. Ashiana can accommodate up to nine residents with an additional bed for emergency situations.

Ashiana is the only culture-specific housing available on the East Coast to South Asian women and only the third such home in the country. In the first five (5) years, Manavi received a total of 329 requests for space in Ashiana from around the country and a total of 139 women and children were housed in that period. Ashiana fulfills a critical need in the South Asian community.

Ashiana is designed specifically to provide culturally familiar residence to women. It provides informational, linguistic, legal, and counseling support as well as other relevant resources to women on their journey to self-reliance. This residence has become a lifeline for women in the South Asian community. Residents are able to observe cultural/religious dietary restrictions, communicate comfortably in a linguistically familiar environment, and create culturally familiar support networks. Residents also have access to all Manavi’s services such as culture-specific supportive counseling, court accompaniment, legal advocacy and referral, support group, and language interpretation.

At the home, Manavi provides resident women and their children with groceries, toiletries, and clothing; medical and travel assistance; needed furnishing; and other healthcare needs. This allows the women to focus on the steps they need to take to become self-reliant and independent. During their time at Ashiana, residents have the opportunity to achieve a variety of goals including resolving their legal and immigration problems; learning English; developing employment skills; finding jobs; starting a business; obtaining driving license; attending college; and generally building a socially and financially viable life

If you would like to make a material donation, please review the Ashiana Wish List.

For more information about Ashiana, please call or write to Manavi: or call 732-435-1414.