Am I Experiencing Abuse?

How Do I Heal After Abuse?

Official Website for the State of NJ

Information on County Based Shelters and General DV Resources

Websites for all Counties and Municipalities (lists Police Stations, etc.)

Addresses of Family Courts, Probation and Welfare Offices in NJ by County

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County Based Disability Services

Forms for People Representing Themselves in Court

Link to Free and/or Less Expensive Medicine for Low Income Households

Contacts for women with development mental physical disabilities:
- Behavioral Disabilities in Piscataway: 1-800-969-5300.
- Community Services in Trenton (ask for Intake Department):  1-609-292-4500.
- Division of Rehabilitation (for assessments): 1-732-937-6300.
- Direct services for clients in Middlesex County (after the easement is completed): 1-732-247-8155.
Child mental disability contacts in Middlesex County: 1-800-843-5437, 1-800-792-8610 or 1-800-418-340
{If the woman is not able to do the intake, a staff person can give the information on her behalf. Intake requirements-Social Security Number, Medical Insurance, and Date of Birth}.

Additional Resources

Hotline: 1(732) 435-1414