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South Asian women in the United States are especially vulnerable to violence due to their cultural socialization and recent immigration. Additionally, the loss of traditional family support, lack of proficiency in English, as well as unfamiliarity with the laws and services of their adopted country keep many South Asian women captive in their abusive situations.  

    Founded in 1985, Manavi was the first organization in the United States to specifically address the unmet needs of South Asian women affected by violence. Manavi’s objective is to reach out to these women and be an essential resource for them during their time of crisis.

Manavi provides a unique blend of culturally specific support services and intervention methods through Western advocacy practices and linguistically traditional techniques.

    With a mission to end all forms of violence against women, Manavi began as an awareness campaign on issues concerning South Asian women; today it continues to centralize women’s needs and interests in all its organizational decisions and service provisions.

Manavi adheres to the empowerment model of advocacy, leading to a work philosophy of social change and shared struggle for liberation with women who have suffered through violence.

    Manavi continues to be a pioneer in advancing the South Asian women’s movement by adapting to and developing new strategies and service provisions to the changing needs of our women. Since its inception several South Asian organizations with similar interests have also formed.

    As a direct service provider, social change agent and diversity trainer in the mainstream movement to end violence against women, Manavi simultaneously addresses both the immediate needs of women facing abuse and the long-term vision of establishing peaceful communities free from gender-based violence.

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